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International experimental film and arts festival Suspaustas Laikas. The festival first set off on its journey toward the exploration of alternative cinema and audio-visual arts in Lithuania, Nida, in the summer of 2016. Each year the programme encompasses unconventional cinematic and audio-visual arts forms and means of expression: hybrid film, non-narrative cinema, technology and process centred experimentation in art. Particular focus is laid on short film as an independent artistic medium on par with that of a feature film, yet understood as a self-sufficient form of art rather than a mere segment or a fragment of the whole, and as such related to and typical of experimental cinema. Film screenings, meetings with local and international directors and filmmakers, film workshops and artistic performances take place in the course of the festival.


The international festival “Suspaustas Laikas” strives to create opportunities and environments conducive to exploration and learning about experimental cinema and audio-visual arts. It probes the trajectory of evolution of cinematic language and the role of technologies, intercepting the novel and the archaic, that make up and are in turn remade in search of audio-visual forms of artistic expression. In so doing the festival contributes to the reach of cinema art and bolsters cultural education of youth and small-scale communities in Lithuanian regions.


Suspaustas laikas, VšĮ
+370 696 45809

The festival idea

The idea of the project was born out of a need and a niche to present an alternative to the widely known and screened cinema. Until recently, only small groups of people were aware of the existence of cinematic avant-garde and experimental cinema, which opposed the mainstream film industry through its dominance of non-linearity and radicalism in the cinematic language. However, with the advent of digital technologies and innovative developments in electronic media, as well as the internet, the situation in filmmaking has changed radically.



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